what have i done…

am i a bad person for only liking the attention you give me. other than that i have no interest in you

youre really bold through text… but like in person youre rly awkward & quiet

kinda sad bc all of my past boyfriends started talking me through fb can i just have a guy that has the balls to talk to me in person

counting all the money we made from the picnic today

lowkey just made it rain $300+ in my room……..

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someone take me out rn im lonely

i hate calc with a burning passion

fuck you for not letting me drop this class i couldve been in cross country still TT.TT </3

♡ If I see you again I will run you over with my car

my dream school doesnt have my major brb crying

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date auction: harmony & i sold for $80 ayee

my mom bought my dad an Audi a5 for Valentine’s Day omg

tybg i understand calc rn omfg

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